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Accounting Robot for bexio

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Our software requires the new bexio supplier module

Case study

Accounting is changing massively

The accountant's role will be to define how receipts should be posted rather than to post them.

Automation will be of great help for already defined tasks.

Receipts are automatically added to the system.

There will be tools to automatically control and automate payments.

Better to participate than be surprised by the change.

Because of this

Our software

  • books the receipts that are uploaded to bexio
  • does the account assignment
  • learns from previous bookings
  • works in the background of bexio without using any other user interface
  • helps with payments
  • all bookings are marked as pre-bookings so that you can check them


  • Where can I see the processed documents?
    The processed receipts and invoices are booked as draft entries so that they can be checked. After that, the documents are no longer in the inbox, but in the archive.
  • What happens if a document cannot be processed?
    The documents that are not recognized remain in the inbox. This happens with documents that are
    not invoices or receipts.
  • How do I see if the software is working or not?
    The robot comes by and processes the uploaded receipts and invoices. After processing, the documents are booked as drafts and the processed documents are no longer in the inbox. If the number of receipts and invoices in the inbox decreases, it means the robot is processing them.
  • How can I cancel the service?
    The service can be canceled by sending an email to
  • Do I have to set up an account on Qlerqs?
    This is not necessary. You can have access, but you don't have to.
  • Is it multi-tenant?
    The Small, Medium and Premium packages are multi-tenant.
  • How can I have multiple clients on one account?
    Yes, by using the same email for all clients.
  • How often does the robot come by?
    The robot comes by at least once a day and processes the receipts. The robot learns
  • Does it need a setup at the beginning?
    The setup is done automatically, you don't have to do anything.
  • How do I get the invoices?
    Invoices will be sent on the email you used to report.
  • Can I see my invoices?
    If you have an account with Qlerqs, you can have an overview of the invoices. This is not necessary, however, as we also send the invoices by email.
  • Can I correct the processed invoices?
    Yes, of course. Therefore, the bookings are only saved as a draft.
  • How can the invoices be corrected?
    You use the same Bexio user interface. You don't have to learn any new software
  • What do I have to learn to be able to use the accounting robot?
    You don't need to learn anything extra. The software works in the background. Everything is operated with the bexio user interface.
  • Which documents are processed by the accounting robot?
    The accounting robot processes invoices and receipts.
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Our subscriptions


12 CHF per month 20 receipts
per month included
Any additional receipt
0,55 CHF


35 CHF per month 100 receipts
per month included
Any additional receipt
0,45 CHF


79 CHF per month 200 receipts
per month included
Any additional receipt
0,40 CHF


229 CHF per month 1000 receipts
per month included
Any additional receipt
0,35 CHF
Small, Medium and Premium are multi-tenant.

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